Episode 71

Topics du Jour

Optimism, Pessimism and Realism - Most would argue optimism reigns supreme in the workplace, but there are pros and cons to each type of personality type.

Employee Recognition - Recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of employees and co-workers can carry a lot of weight. There are many different ways to make them feel appreciated, the key is figuring out which work best.

Seven Rules for Hiring Extraordinary Employees - The Quad discusses these suggestions for hiring the best candidates, and whether or not these "rules" are good strategies. The hosts also offer up their own tips on bringing aboard the best talent.

Phone Interviews - Phone screens have become more popular among employers to learn about applicants. Job seekers need to make sure they treat these interviews as important as an in-person conversation, and these tips can help them succeed.

Podcast Series: The LJNRadio Quad
The LJNRadio Quad features four of our hosts from LJNRadio, gathering to share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on just about any employment-related topic. Agree or disagree, you're bound to learn something about our hosts or the world of employment.